Saturday, 14 March 2015

Profit From The US Market Talk

In collaboration with CMC, I have been invited to give a free talk on “ Profit from the US market” at CMC premise on the 19th of March 2015. The location is Singapore Land Tower, #14-06. Time is 7pm to 10pm. There will be 2 parts to the talk. The first part will be on  the US stock market.  The topics include the direction of the US market in 2015, its opportunities and how you can take advantage of these opportunities. Included in this 60 minute talk will be a trading example using pair trading strategy. The theme of this strategy will be  based on oil theme.

The next part of the  talk(60 mins) will focus on Fibonacci trading technique for the US stock market. Besides learning the Fibonacci trading knowledge like trading with retracement, extension and projection I will show, through numerous trading examples, how you can apply the Fibonacci trading technique. This Fibonacci trading technique is suitable for everyone. There will be numerous intra day and inter day trading examples using the Fibonacci trading technique. Though these examples, you will realize the application of this useful technique. Even if you dont trade the equity market, you will also find it useful and applicable to  FX trading

Vacancies are limited, so please register before the date. Do take this opportunity to gather your trading friends and come down together for the talk. It has been a long while since we held our last gathering where fellow students can meet and share their trading experience. This would be a good opportunity. 

Do note that you do not have to be a CMC client to attend this talk. So please hurry and book your seat early to avoid any disappointment. Thank you and hope to see you on that day.