Saturday, 12 May 2012

Nicholas Tan Forex Trading Course: Fibonacci with Bollinger Band

In this course, participants will learn to incorporate Fibonacci Retracement and expansion with Bollinger Band into their repertoires of trading strategies and techniques. Besides learning the usage of Fibonacci and Bollinger Band, participants will learn how to incorporate both techniques to get a better trading signal.

The course consists of 3 parts. Part 1 is on the Fibonacci indicator, which has 2 standalone trading systems on its own by using the retracement and expansion. Part 2 is on the Bollinger Band, its usage, strength and its limitations. A dual Bollinger Band trading strategy is also included in this part of the course. Part 3 of the course is on combining these 2 indicators into your trading plan and strategy. The Bollinger Band pullback strategy will also be taught to participants.

Details of the course

Part 1 Fibonacci Indicator

1.   Fibonacci Retracement Usage

a.   The Fibonacci Trading System

2.   Fibonacci Expansion Usage

a.   The Fibo ABC Trading System.

Part 2 Bollinger Band

1.   Usage, Strengths and Limitations

2.   Hints from Bollinger Band

3.   The Dual BB Trading Strategy

Part  3 Combining Fibo and Bollinger Band

1.   The Bollinger Band Pullback Trading System

Date:  30 May, 2012 from 7pm to 10pm.

Venue: SMU (room to be advised)

Course Fee: $300

Recruitment starts on 15 May 2012

Closing Date 29 May 2012

Note: Participants should have a basic knowledge of Forex fundamentals. This is a technical indicator workshop and participants with at least a basic knowledge of charting would benefit greatly from this course.


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